Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Factory Tours

Okay... so I am planning our trip and discovered this interesting website while looking for a chips factory to visit in PA...   Factory Tours USA list the different places where you can go to visit how things are made....   WoW!   This is super interesting since as homeschoolers I want my kids to learn.   So PA has tons of things to check out... but we are there only for one week so I guess this means that someday we will have to go back *grin*...

But I discovered a guitar factory that you can visit in Nazareth, PA which is located close to Easton, PA. Easton is where you can find the Crayola factory.    Since we are planning to go to the Crayola factory and my husband got himself a guitar last year... well I though we could do a detour to Nazareth...   

Since we will be driving through Massachussetts and Maine, I did my search for these states as well.   Discovered that there is a Cape Cod Chips factory near Plymouth... Yeah!


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