Monday, January 16, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Week 32


321. Participating to the Ladies’ Prayer Night last week – it was a nice experience to pray for each kids in the church we go to.

322. – the ministry that bring relational healing.

323. A snow storm though it meant that Awana was cancelled… to the disappointment of our kids!

324. Having written the previous statement I realize that I am delighted to see my kids loving the Lord the way they do and wanting to spend time with Him.

325. Grand-parents willing to come and babysit on a Saturday so we can attend a day session of LW.

326. It might be silly but I am thankful to watch Monk with my husband.   It is quite clean and fun to watch…

327. A supportive husband.

328. Letting go of some things in my life…

329. Developing self-control especially in the social media realm.

330. Scripture Journaling


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