Monday, January 23, 2012

Being Flexible


I am on a journey.  A journey to discover more of what God wants from me, what He planned in my life, and how He will speak through me on a daily basis.

Walking with Him is like taking a stroll on a beach and listening to the waves coming to crash on the sand.   

Earlier this year, I had decided to read through the Bible chronologically as well as going through the a devotional book titled Quiet Time Bible Guide.   I also had planned to do this with my French Bible.   But within a week or two, stress engulfed me and I was on hedge with homeschooling.   I knew I had too much on my shoulders and I needed to make changes.

Changes can be good.    I was disappointed not to read through my French Bible this year but honestly it was wise to realize early in the year that my objective was too much for me to go through.

I prayed about it.   I have numerous devotionals in the house but I wanted to take one that God will use to speak to me in various ways.   When I looked at my bookshelves in my office, I saw one devotional book that grabbed my eyes immediately – One Hundred and One Devotions for Homeschool Moms by Jackie Wellwood.

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I had purchased this little jewel a couple of years ago – had started it but with life being crazy and getting lots of reviews, somehow I didn’t pursue the reading of it.

From the first devotion, it spoke to me.   Made me ponder on how I am.   A main scripture is also at the top of the devotion.   I could read it directly from the book but I take my French Bible and discover the Scriptures in my mother tongue.    Somehow, I get ah-ah moments when I do this.   It’s as though I obtain a new understanding of the Scriptures.   It might be silly but that how I feel when I read them in French.

For example, the very first devotional was about have a meek and quiet spirit.   Ah!   Reading the devotional I learned that meek signify to not easily be provoked or irritated.    Mmmmm!    This is definitively something I need to work on.   There are times when I will respond to circumstances.   I need to be patient, to take a deep breath and rely on God.  Plain and simple.   Simple?   Not all the time but feasible anyway.

At the end of the year, we discovered that one child is apparently strong will.   Somehow this child of mine knows how to push the buttons to get me easily provoked and irritated.    I am slowly learning on to stay calm and respond to the arrogance and the testing. 

Through the first couple of weeks of January, I have learned that flexibility is necessary for my well-being.    There was a battle in me about my first decision for a devotional this year and the realization that it won’t work out after all.    I am also learning that it works as well for dealing with a strong will child.   I need to identify the battles that are worth fighting for and be flexible for the rest.

If you are a homeschooler and would like God to speak to you on a more personal level concerning your homeschool, I suggest that you consider One Hundred and One Devotions for Homeschool Moms.  It is available at any bookstore, even


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