Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I’m a shweeter. Are you?

I just discovered an interesting new social media site called Shweet! What is Shweet? Well simply put you have a change to win something every time you share a link with your friends. Every day, you can include links on twitter or facebook to funny videos, trailers, stores and much more. Once you have shared the link with your contacts in facebook or twitter, you have a change to win something.

The site is pretty easy to use I find. One column is showing you the prize to win and the other one is giving you the link which you can share on facebook or twitter. How do you win? Apparently when enough people have shweeted a link, the swwepstakes is closed and a random draw is made. You can only shweet once through facebook and once through twitter. That's it!

Also every time you shweet, you earn points. What the point are for I currently have no clue whatsoever since they have not explained this on their site just yet. I think they are trying to figure it out.

I suspect that some people will go overboard and shweet about anything and everything. Me? I am the kind of person who will pick and choose the post to shweet. For example as my first shweet, I decided to pick the one to promoto CoolCanucks and I have now a chance to win a 25$ Starbucks gift card.

The idea is original and very creative I find. A way to encourage people to spread the word on products, sites or other things and give them a chance to win something for their efforts. It feels like have a carrot in front of you to use a French Canadian expression... The funny part is takes literally two clicks to get two chances to win something.

Shweet can be found at , on their tumblr blog, on facebook and on twitter.

What do you think of this innovative way of helping to spread the word on something?

Would you be interested in signing in? Why or why not?

What kind of prize would interest you?


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