Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Down the water hole

Apparently about 2,425 cell phones are lost in the U.K. by accidentally flushing them down the toilet.   How I know that?   I recently reviewed a book titled LOOK NOW and it contains interesting stats, facts and graphics about our world.

Yours truly is a lucky bum… LITERALLY!   Here’s my story about my iPod touch.

Early on Saturday morning, I went into our bathroom.   I had picked up my iPod touch to check it doing while doing business (no details here…).   The first thing I did was to put it on the counter top.

Somehow, I tripped, lost balanced and my hand landed next to the iPod touch… which in turns went flying in the air toward the toilet bowl.

Slow motion here….  “Nooooooooooo!” as I try to catch the little device.   It bounces on the seat and dive in the water.

Fortunately nothing disgusting was in there.   So I don’t hesitate one minute and fish it out of there.

Oh what to do.   I dry it real fast.  Run to the PC to google the problem.   Shut down the iPod and leave it on my desk.  After all I had a birthday party to prepare, a child to bring to get his glasses fixed (the birthday boy himself).   I didn’t had the time to worry about this.

Fast forward 6 hours later.  I try to open the device.  I need to do a restore.   Problem is the internet is oh sooooo slooooooooow tonight.   So it was decided to wait until tomorrow morning.

The next day, after the restore is done I realized that the swiping is NOT working.  uh oh…

So I called told them the swipping wasn’t working.   She suggested a few things including a restore… I told her the restore had been done and her other suggestion wasn’t working.   She said I should take an appointment with the store downtown and they will exchange it.   Apppointment was made for 310pm.

Why oh why do we only have ONE apple store in Ottawa?  *sigh*

Drove all the way downtown.   Found some cheap parking (A miracle in itself) and proceed to go to the store.

The guy takes one look at it and knows that there is water damage.   “Usually this is not covered.”  “Okay but the lady on the phone never asked any question and told me you would replace it…”

“If this is what you got told, I will replace it but please note that if there is a next time, it won’t be covered.”

Lucky me.   So now I have to deal with the organizing of the “new” iPod touch that I got on Sunday…   Which is a pain in the butt a bit but I won’t complain too much because I was blessed…

I’m just very lucky to have one after this little adventure.

Oh – and my lesson is learned…  No device of this price in the bathroom.

After all – I don’t want to have 400$ down the toilet.

PS  Please note that I had won an 8GB iPod touch last year via Mom Central Canada because of my participation to a project they had.   My husband discovered that it had been bought at a Wal-Mart and went to exchange it for a 64 GB as a birthday gift.  


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