Friday, January 14, 2011

Working and Homeschooling

This week question for the blog cruise is:

“How do you juggle working either in the home or outside the home and homeschooling?”

Does anyone homeschooling without working?   Honestly, a mom at home always has work to do even if you don’t have a home business or work outside the house.    There is clothes to wash, lunch and supper to prepare, a house to clean…  I think you see where I am going.

BUT for me, there is more because yes we do have a home business.  My husband is the one who goes to the clients and build their system that they need.   We also have two employees which also have contracts.   Nevertheless, I have work to do for it at times.   Mostly accounting but sometimes it requires me being available for translation or assurance quality ie testing.    These days, it is mostly the accounting part of things.  I prepare the paperwork and the spreadsheets for the accountant.  These are brought at the end of our year end which is July of each year.   As a business we also have a few months after the year end to submit the paperwork which is nice between you and me.   This year though I would love to be able to bring the paperwork in August – if possible…  which reminds me I need to start working on them.

I also consider my reviewing experience as a job – part time mind you but it is a job anyway.    I usually write my reviews in the afternoons when possible.    I was very busy before Christmas with a bunch of reviews of toys I had to do.   I had started requesting toys back in November.   This year I will take some advance in contacting the companies.    Part of the job of a reviewer is to request the product.  So whenever I have a minute or two, I approach companies by emailing them and offering my services in reviewing their products.    Am I paid for this?  Not directly but I get to keep the product which is very nice.

I also have a part-time job as an editor to review French teaching documents to make sure that there isn’t typos or errors in the text or solution document.    This is done sporadically.    I will be paid for the job and I have the possibility of being paid in documents if I wish.

How do I juggle working and homeschooling?  By giving priority to the homeschool and doing the work in the afternoon.   Sometimes, I might have to skip a day of school but generally speaking I am always trying to homeschool first.   Eventually, the work will get done (especially for the business)…

It is a priority in our family.   Plain and simple.  


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