Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011!

I know… I know… I am a few days late on the resolution post.   But when your laptop is getting “adjusted” by your techy husband so that it is more performing in the end, I think this is a good reason for being late.

So 2010 is gone… and now we are in 2011.

I was debating what to do for this year for a devotional.   Reading through the Bible last year was challenging but it has been completed.

Now what?

Well, I had an idea in the back of my mind but it would take me too much time to do it and my priority is my kids for the homeschool.

So I decided to go with my 2nd idea.   I will be going through Mornings and Evenings with Charles Spurgeon (published at New Leaf Publishing) while still reading through the Bible but this time following the Chapter a Day suggestions.    I am also reading the daily devotions in the On this Day in Christian History published at Thomas Nelson as well as going through the Praying God’s Word cards from Beth Moore.   And I will continue to journal on a daily basis.

Consequently, I will go through the major events in the Bible this year, discover Charles Spurgeon, learn more about church history and pray more.

So welcome 2011.  I look forward to discover what God has in plans for me, for my husband, for my kids and for us as a family.  


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