Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jumping in the waters

Well it's official - I am a college student.  Feel weird actually.   After all it has been..... wow!  almost 15 years since I finished my MSc in IT.   Has it been that long? 

Now not only I am homeschooling my kids but I am a homeschooler as well - learning at home.   I find learning interesting.   When you think about it, you never stop learning.   You start at a young age and you continue throughout your life.   Interesting isn't it?   Even while homeschooling my kids I learn much whether it is math tricks on learning your time tables or discovering the human body through the eyes of a child.   Fascinating. 

At the same time as learning about social media, I need to keep doing my "job" as a mom, spouse, blogger and reviewer.    So far I am enjoying it a lot.   Reading about Social Media is interesting.   I am hoping to discover more about the subject and be able to lift my presence on the blogosphere a bit more in 2011. 

Jumping in the waters of studying is not new for me but doing it at 41 years old is a bit scary.   I know I can do it... and my husband supports me 110%.  (Thanks sweetheart!)  But I feel as though I have butterflies in my stomach.  Weird I know.  That's how I am…   Always had butterflies in my stomach when jumping in something new.   And please let’s not speak about exams…   *grin*

How do I define social media?   For me it is a form a network of people where you can support and help each other.   It is also a way of being able to connect with people having the same interest as you.   For example, on facebook the vast majority of my “friends” are other bloggers who also participate to the TOS Homeschool Crew which I am part of.   What we do over a period of 9 months is to review various homeschool products from a variety of publishers/companies.   This is my third year participating to the crew and I have built a network of “friends” through it.    Obviously, because I am homeschooling my kids, I do not spend lots of time on facebook but knowing that they are there means a lot to me.    Besides, being RVers, we now have plenty of people to visit in the future!

What do I expect from this course?   Honestly, I don’t know what the future has in store for me, for us as a family.   I figure it was a good time to update some skills, to learn more about social media and maybe expand my presence as a blogger reviewer.   With this knowledge, our business will be able to offer services to help companies to establish their presence on the social media world.

Looking forward to discover more about social media in the weeks to come!


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