Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who am I?

I am not Spider-man (for those of you who remember the Who am I? comment in the Spider-man movie.).

I saw this mem over on Heidi's blog and wanted everyone to get to know me better (especially the TOS Crew if they come and visit!).  The activity is quite simply but time consuming.   Today I have time since Alexandre went fishing with dad on his one-on-one activity with him.  They won't come back until tomorrow which gives me time to organized my office and finish some work to be done for the business AND take care of my three chicken pox kids...

Rule:  Answer each question below by going to Google Image Search and display the image of your answer with minimal words...

The age I will be on my next birthday

Place I want to travel to


My favorite Place

My favorite food

Thai food - introduced to me by friends who are missionary in Thailand.

My favorite pet

Cats - this was my cat, Socrates.   Look he had extra toes on his front paws!

My favorite color combination

My favorite piece of clothing

Fuzzy socks!

My all-time favorite song


Okay...  I couldn't decide.  I really like Cornelius and Breakfast in Hell both by Newsboys.

My  favorite TV show

 I'm a Little House fan...  watching for season these days - thanks to DVDs.

First name of my significant other

 How convenient - this Robert played Tony Stark aka Ironman and my man collects comic books.

Province I live in 

My screenname/nickname

 I couldn't find a canadian flag with a ladybug - LOL 

My first job

Ice Cream Parlour

My dream job

 Being a mom - I wouldn't change it for anything else... even when sometimes I am drained by the demands.

One bad habit that I have

Okay - my office was not that bad but almost...

My worst fear

Depression - Feeling darkness overwhelming me.

Thing I'd like to do before I die

Bring my family to visit the world  and visit my sponsored children - Compassion Canada (Maruja in Bolivia, Alberto and Indira in Dominican Republic and Orana in Thailand)

First thing I'll buy if I win a million dollar

House on a lake with a dock where we can put the boat and go fishing... Country living!

Present I would like for my next birthday

I miss my SLR camera...  Wish to have a digital SLR with big zoom and flash.

 That was interesting.  Got me thinking for some questions...   Anyhow, I would like everyone who visit my blog to take the time and go through this little meme.   It's fun and I found it relaxing.



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