Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another week is gone...

... and honestly I wonder where does the time go.

This week was busy once again... getting more organized in my office (thanks to my brother-in-law who came to bring the desks upstairs - which means two set of stairs from the basement to the second floor), my bookshelves are up, my printer and scanner are now hooked, we organized the shed in the backyard, cut our months long grass (no kidding I could have done braids with it...), threw more of the 10 year junk, brought a load at Value Village (and more to come), took care of a 9 month old who came down with chicken pox, dried the tears of a 4 year old who got chicken pox on Saturday and couldn't come to the launch of the church (poor kid), did school also and swimming lessons.    OUF!    Busy like a bee... let me tell you that.

What's left to be done is bringing the filing cabinet in the new office, finishing packing up the old office and getting rid of the desk in there, painting, finishing going through the stuff in the garage so that we can park the cars in there when snow comes, finish organizing my office and then took pictures for your dear reader, scrapbooking and card making (especially the christmas ones...).  Oh and also closing down the trailer sometime in October.

So you can see that we are not out of the woods of 10 years of piling things...  But we are seeing the end of it and are quite happy about it.    No more junk from before our marriage (yes I know it's embarrassing!).

Now if only my 2 year old would catch chicken pox I would be happy.


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