Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surgery preparation

Okay... surgery is not until November 26th but I had a meeting this afternoon with the doctor to go through all the details and how it will be going.  

She was nice this time - compared to the time I met her back in February.   More relax...   She took the time to check the pain I have in my left big toe - arthritis...  Actually I have arthritis in both big toes.  

I had surgery for a bunion on my left foot back when I was 18.   Ouch!   Doesn't make me younger!    Anyhow, it was botched.   Not great of a doctor back then... but this time I have the best in the city.   The top notch one...    and this time it's for a bunion but on the right foot.   Took 19 years before bugging me so much that I couldn't endure it.  Took 2 years to finally met the doctor back in February.    And I consider myself lucky that she was able to schedule me for surgery in 2008.  She is pretty busy.    So now I wait for the hospital to call me for pre-op stuff.   Probably not until October or early November.    I'm in no rush.   Until then, I will concentrate on teaching my kids and taking some advance.    Bottom line is that for 48 hours after surgery I will have to keep my leg up and administrate my pain killer myself from a tube behind the leg.   Then after that 6 weeks in a cast up to half the foot.   Then 6 weeks of not doing steps, jumps or dancing... - okay so I guess when I go to HEAT I will draw most of the time then - Oh well.

All this done during the winter time.   I sure hope that I will find some BIG HUGE socks before then to keep my heel warm...


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