Monday, September 8, 2008

Refreshing 24 hours

Neither of us were feeling like going camping... so hubby thought I should go to the trailer by myself and take a break... I wasn't looking forward todrive by myself though.  So Saturday morning, hubby tells me to pack.    My things are in the entrance when suddenly the phone ring...   A Brown and it's a phone number from Quebec.   Who could this be?   I almost didn't answer because we don't know any Browns from Quebec.   But I picked up the phone anyway.   It was our friends who are missionary in Thailand - they are in the country for 4 months.   Anyhow, the two youngest came up with chiken pox and since I had asked her to call me when it happened... well we had to invite them for lunch. 

So my departure was postponed a bit.   But if my kids do get the chicken pox I think it was worth it!!!   Alexandre had it when he was 2 but the three others didn't and I don't really believe in the vaccine so I REALLY wanted them to catch it.   So now we count the days...  about two weeks it takes.

So I left around3 pm for the trailer.   Rainy day...  I hate driving in the rain.   But at some point on my drive it stopped.   I made a stop at the Wal-Mart in a city close to where the trailer is to buy some food and then up to the trailer.

My first gift from God was to hear and then see some woodpeckers in a tree close to the trailer.  Now if I could find the binoculors.   I gave them to hubby when he went to open the trailer back in May but we can't find them since then...  He doesn't remember where he put them.   Worst is that on Friday I discovered a Bird Sanctuary that we can go visit.   What's the point to visit a Wildlife Bird Sanctuary when you don't have binocular and the season for the birds to leave is from now until October.    So I go on a hunt...  and I found them.  At a place where I would least expect them.   Told hubby about it and he said that now he remember why he put them there so that we can access them easily on the trip if we needed them... Mmmm!  no comments since we couldn't find them on the trip.  At least now I have them...  Now if only I could find the otehr pair at home - where could they be???

So I had bible, Beth Moore study, crayons, pastels, paper, drawing book, cardstocks, two books, stamps, ink and so on.   Probably had too much...  But I did read a book about Ruth Bell Graham - Footprints of a Pilgrim.   I was touched by it.   I discovered a woman who was goind through the same things I am going through at times... Who would have thought that she had insecurities and was wondering about being a good mother to her children?   I sure didn't...

Anyhow, I also did some Beth Moore study - A woman's heart God's dwelling place.    I love her studies because I learn so much from them.    I also started doing making the christmas cards.   I got my stamps from Stampin' Up last week so I was planning what to do.    And I also took out my paper, pencils and pastels to draw a bit.   But by 3:30 pm or so I felt I needed to go back home so I left.

Arrived home around 5pm or so - I took my time as I was listening a teaching cd.    We had supper and after I realized that Jérémy was feverish.   We didn't had tylenol for him at home so hubby went to the pharmacy.    Jasmine was cranky also and Alexandre had diarrhea all day according to hubby.    Poor sweetpeas.  So I put my nurse hat and took care of my sick little boy...  


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