Friday, September 26, 2008

Bargain Queen

LOL - that's me...   I go to ToysRUs the other day and found a Lego box regular price 100$ and on sale at 22$.   Amazing!    Isn't it.    So I brought my mother-in-law the same day and she bought two for two of her grandsons...  

I go to Winners and found an ABC toys in French (WoW!) in 15$ - got it for mother-in-law for a christmas gift.   I also found the famous WordLaunch for 25$ - again for a christmas gift from mother-in-law...  

My latest discovery is at the dollar store near my place.   I go in to check for pirate's hats.   Didn't find any but I found workbooks for my kids...  Got most of them in three copies but some I had only 2 copies or just one...   Bummer.  

Then I found a serie of books on countries - got Thailand, Dominican Republic and Bolivia because this is where our sponsored kids with Compassion are.   I get home and show them to hubby and you know what he tells me?  "Why didn't you bought the whole set?"

Right!   I had thought of that at the store but I thought that he would have said something like "Don't you think we have enough books?" so I took only the three that were touching us... 

So I went back before swimming courses...   At 1$ each it's quite a bargain.  Did a search on the net and found out that they were about 25$ or so... 

And Alexandre started to read the one on Dominican Republic.  Cool!


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