Friday, September 21, 2007

Zooming through lessons...

It is going well... I must say that I am impressed.   Yes there is some days where the younger ones are a bit a pain in the butt and there is some days where I don't feel like it but I can see the benefits of homeschooling...

  • Alexandre do not have to be rushed out of the house in the morning to catch his bus at 7:35am.

  • No lunch to do in the morning....

  • I can sleep a bit more in the morning...

  • Alexandre is not chewing his nails and skin around the nails.  He is more calm.

  • No bad influences, or bad TV shows or any other things I didn't like from last year.

  • Having fun with my boys

  • Being flexible in our time... if we want to go out we can.

And so much more...

Now I have to think about incorporating sciences, field trips, arts, and introducing piano somehow...

Swimming is going well...   Math U See primer book is almost done.   He just completed the first book of Je lis... J'écris... which is a reading program in French I bought.  

So I am satisfied.   Not worried anymore.   Not stressed about it anymore.   At peace with my decision more and more every day.

Like today, I need to pack for camping and we will go to the trailer for the week-end.    We might even leave in the afternoon - talk about freedom!


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