Monday, September 10, 2007

A trip at the children hospital...

On Saturday,  I had to go with my eldest at the children hospital because he was playing "Monkey jumping from the bed...".   Really we have told tell numerous times not to jump from the bed but they were still  doing it.   Well, on Saturday it happened.  He jumped and then fell on the bed of hisbrother Dominic and opened his left check under the eye.  He was very fortunate to not catch the eye....

It wasn't very big but it was opening and bleeding...  At first I thought it was just a bump so I told my husband to put ice on it... That's when he told me "No I think you will have to go to the hospital for this..."  I turned around and saw the bleeding and dear husband opened the wound to show me...   The cut was kind of curvy not straight...

So at the hospital they applied some glue and put on some tape to hold it.   Tape will fell by itself... as for the glue, well no water in the face for 48 hours...  

The worse part is the next day he was jumping from his little brother Jérémy's bed...   I guess he hasn't learn the lesson yet....

Poor child, looks like he is more prone to accidents like his mom...   Broken arm last year, a cut this year... what will it be next.   Always thought my second would be the one like that as he is my risk taker...   I guess he is a risk taker but a careful one... ha ha ha!


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