Monday, February 6, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Week 35


351. Survival Week at swimming lessons which is a HUGE hit for my kids – wearing clothes in the pool and doing things that are out of the ordinary…

352. Having a hill next to the swimming lessons so they can go slide and have fun afterward…

353. WINTERLUDE in Ottawa, ON.    A fun time for everyone!IMG_2622

354. The ice sculptures we went to see yesterday.  (the picture is part of a sculpture titled Food Chain…  See the mouse in one of the feet of the owl.)  Amazing details!

355.Awana Fun night – Pyjama were the dress codes last Thursday.

356. Even though my husband had to work on Saturday – having the kids go play outside was an enormous blessing.

357. My oldest son who is always very helpful.   

358.Being told that it is always a joy to teach my kids when they come out of Sunday School at church.

359.Getting a good deal for a sled (because one died a couple of weeks ago) and a Jiffy Rink (which we will use next year).

360. Having the books/curriculums to teach my kids numerous things.    It’s unbelievable how God has blessed me since I started homeschooling and reviewing products!   Speechless.







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