Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Dominic!

8 years ago, my son Dominic came into our lives.   He was 10 days late… and ended up being delivered via c-section since I already one.    He is a delight and loves all kind of animals – small or big.   Well almost all kinds…. check the video to see why I am saying this!

Love you buddy.

I pray that God be with you every day of your life.   May you continue to follow him daily and learn to listen to him.



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One Thousand Gifts–Week 38


381. Family Day in Ontario last Monday (Feb 20th)

382. Playing Scene It! Disney Edition with the whole family

383. Playing Blokus with my oldest

384. A surprise from another homeschool family who came sledding with us after swimming though my kids didn’t have their snow pants.

385. SNOW STORM!   Now we can sled next week as it won’t be as icy.

386. Making a cake for my son – though it was a bit last minute.

387. Receiving new products to review.

388. Finding a place where I can get grain to mill to make flour- now I just have to go buy some…

389. Pizza

390. The flexibility of homeschooling our children.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Week 37


371. A sweet valentine with my family

372. My little girl going to her first girly birthday party

373. Seeing how much she enjoys painting

374. Seeing her transforming herself into the Wasp (Avengers character) with her butterfly wings and pretending that she is part of the Avengers with her 6 years old brother.

375. Finding a place where I can purchase grains to mill my own flour with the product I have received last week.

376. Getting my order from Rainbow Resources – Editor in Chief here we come.

377. Seeing my oldest get excited when we received the DVD to learn Access 2010 – did I mentioned he is only 10 years old?

378. Receiving the Easy Grammar Teacher Book for grade 6 to review.

379. Bring sunshine peeking through the windows during the day – MELT that snow…!

380. Looking forward to not having boots when I go outside.

Monday, February 13, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Week 36


361. Another session of swimming lesson for the kids.

362. Fun time at the hill sledding with friends

363. Good news from companies I contacted to review their products.

364. Awana Grand Prix even if my son didn’t get a medal this year.  The important thing is participation.

365. Special night at Awana – last week was Valentine night and the kids blessed their friends with little chocolates.

366. Receiving a replacement copy of Devotions for Homeschool Moms because the one I had was falling apart due to a problem in the binding.

367. My vision – to see the colors, the face of my kids when they are silly, the words on the page on a book – things we often take for granted…

368. Being able to whisper “I Love You” to each of my kids and my husband.

369. God’s provision in our life.   May He continues to open doors of opportunity in the weeks and months to come.

370. Seeing my husband counting down the weeks to see when we can go to the RV…

Monday, February 6, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Week 35


351. Survival Week at swimming lessons which is a HUGE hit for my kids – wearing clothes in the pool and doing things that are out of the ordinary…

352. Having a hill next to the swimming lessons so they can go slide and have fun afterward…

353. WINTERLUDE in Ottawa, ON.    A fun time for everyone!IMG_2622

354. The ice sculptures we went to see yesterday.  (the picture is part of a sculpture titled Food Chain…  See the mouse in one of the feet of the owl.)  Amazing details!

355.Awana Fun night – Pyjama were the dress codes last Thursday.

356. Even though my husband had to work on Saturday – having the kids go play outside was an enormous blessing.

357. My oldest son who is always very helpful.   

358.Being told that it is always a joy to teach my kids when they come out of Sunday School at church.

359.Getting a good deal for a sled (because one died a couple of weeks ago) and a Jiffy Rink (which we will use next year).

360. Having the books/curriculums to teach my kids numerous things.    It’s unbelievable how God has blessed me since I started homeschooling and reviewing products!   Speechless.







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