Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ever heard of Webkinz?   It is some stuff toy that Ganz is selling with a special code to access their Webkinz world.   Alexandre got the BullFrog for his birthday from some friends of ours.   The whole family is now "addicted" to the games.   Don't take me wrong though... We have a good addiction per say...  We control the access of the website and we do it as a family once in a while.   At first we were wondering what the heck is this???  but now, I can see the positive in the whole thing like for example, you need to work ie play games to get some money so that you can buy some food or bed or any other thing to keep you webkinz healthy.  

Meet Nicky and Max... the webkinz of the family!

Nicky is the bullfrog. Max is his new friend the black bear...   I told you how Nicky came into our life.   But Max came into our life this week-end.   Alexandre received some money for his birthday and it was a big debate on what he would buy with it....   Boy did he ever went back and forth with his ideas...   But this week-end, knowing we were going to the Blueberry Ranch, he wanted to buy a littleKinz for his brother Dominic.   We talked to him about it to make sure that's what he really wanted to do with his birthday money and he was very decided about it.   So when we were at the Blueberry Ranch, they went straight to the Webkinz display and Dominic picked the black bear.   While Alexandre was paying for the purchase, Dominic proudly told the lady at the cash that the bear's name was Max...  How cute!

Now, I am very proud of Alexandre for sharing and giving something to his brother.   And we made sure that Dominic needs to be extra nice to his big brother...   Next thing we know is that while leaving the Blueberry Ranch, Alexandre just said that he wanted to make some more money so that he can buy one for Jérémy as well... 

My mother's heart just melted...  How sweet of him!


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