Friday, July 13, 2007

Getting used to homeschooling...

Yep! I am getting used to homeschooling slowly but surely... Last week was phys ed with the soccer camp of Athletes in Actions. This week we go through a Kindergarten workbook for phonics (never did any with Alexandre since he was going to French school), MathUSee this morning and my old book to learn to read in French. This morning was good... We did one lesson of MathUSee and 3 lessons from the learn to read book. Not so bad.
We also go a new desk for his bedroom. Now I just have to find the time to organize the bedroom. I emptied the bookcase yesterday but before moving it in the office, I need to empty the transparent filing cabinet and bring it upstair (it is half empty already). So I have plans, just need to do it!!!
Right now the kids are watching a video on trains that we got with the Geo Tracks. It is very educative and they learn different aspects of trains. It rained and the backyard is all wet... Gonna wait this afternoon before putting them out! They went this morning after breakfast so it's not as though they didn't get fresh air yet!!!
I need to go to the Library to pick up some books I have put aside to start the Come Sit By Me next week. I am starting with the Birds unit. It is a perfect unit for the summer. After that, there is a bug unit I was to go through. Oh, I just remember that I have the Old Schoolhouse magazine with the bug units in it. PERFECT!


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