Friday, July 20, 2007

It's raining.... it's pouring...

... so we're not going for camping... today anyway!

Okay it doesn't rhyme much...

So this morning (very early actually) I got woke up but thunder and rain. From that point on to the waking up of kids... I doze on and off. So bottom line is that I am a bit tired.

No matter this, I did some homeschooling this morning. We started with devotions both for him and ME. Much needed I must say since it calmed my spirit and I was more patient afterward. Jérémy wanted to climb on me or on the table so at 10am I decided to put him to bed. He seemed tired somehow. It did calm him down. I know he is moving right now and I should go get him... but I will finish this first.

So this morning after my devotion was done, we started with English phonics. We completed one section of the book. Alexandre was excited to put his stickers in. Oh the magic of stickers.... I wonder until which age it will work???

After that, we watched lesson 11 from Math U See and did the exercises in the book. The kid is so confident that he do not want to use the blocks... I told him that next lesson is addition and he will have to use the blocks. So then he started to use them. He need to associate the colors to the numbers. So he did that as well as writing and saying the number.

In the meantime, Dominic, 3 years old, wanted to do his preschool book. He is not always listening but he did his Bs and his Cs with a break between the two looking at phonics books...

When Alexandre was done with his maths, I made him read the first booklet of Fun with Phonics that we have. There was some words he didn't know so I will have to redo it sometime. But it was a good start I think.

This week, we also did a bit of French but not as much as I would have liked.

Next week, as I said in an earlier post, Alexandre will go to a VBS Sports Camp. So Phys Ed and Jesus are on the menu.

OH!!! I almost forgot... Got to drop off some books and a toy this week and we got another toy to test. It is from LeapFrog and it is called WORDLAUNCH. The amazing thing is that it is based on phonics and reading in English. HORRAY! A fun thing to test and at the same time to learn with.


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