Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taking it easy...

Got a call last night with an invitation to get together with my sister-in-law, my nephew and the little girl that she and her husband would like to adopt. So this morning we went to the park and let the kids have fun. I had meet the little girl once or twice before but not a lot so it was nice to see how she was. She is the same age as Jérémy. So it was cute to see them play together...

It was nice also to spend time with my sister-in-law a leisure we don't do often unfortunately even though we live close by. But we are both busy... So I relaxed on the homeschooling front today.

After the park, I drove to the library to borrow the rest of the books that came in from transfers from other libraries... In there was The Art of Robert Bateman (all about birds...), Emma's Eggs, The Kids Canadian Bug Book, The Kids Canadian Bird Book, The Short Tree and The Bird that Could Not Sing, Playing with Plasticine and Fun with Modeling Clay.

Before nap time, I read the Ugly Duckling. After naptime, I will ask Alexandre to do his Devotion... as well as something else. Not sure if it will be English or French or Maths. We shall see.

Next week, VBS and Sports Camp hosted by our church in another church because we don't have a facility yet. We are currently looking for land to purchase. But other churches in the area are nice to allow us to use their facility once in a while...

Husband told me I was doing a great job at homeschooling but my problem was about managing conflicts... Mmmm! That makes sense... I was raised alone. Yep! I am an only child. Never had siblings. So I lack on this side I guess. I need to learn somehow to diffuse conflicts especially with my strong-willed child - Dominic. Any advices???

PS I read the book from Dr. Dobson and I should probably read it again...


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