Saturday, April 14, 2007

Life goes fast

Right now I am sitting on the sofa and everyone is sleeping... It is 6:20am (EST) and I am enjoying some time alone. Somehow, God is waking me up at 6am regularly. I guess he knows I need some time for devotions or reflections.
This morning, I was thinking how fast time goes by. It will be 9 years this year that we are married, 10 years this month since our official going out date. Alexandre will turn 6 in June. WoW! He grows so fast it is unbelievable. Dominic at 3 is a bilingual chatterbox... He has much to say! And my little Jeremy is walking all over the place now... He even tries to run at times. So cute! To be honest it is a relief since he is a late walker (16 months while is brothers were 11 and 9 months). Oh mind you he was cruising the furniture since he was 9-10 months old but somehow, he was not interested in walking. Now you can't stop him. He is so happy when he walks.
So my sons are growing up, I'm getting older and I realize how important homeschooling is. Really, Alexandre is already 5 3/4 and I feel like I missed most of his growing years. When he was younger he was in day care from 17 months until Dominic was born. Then at 4 years old he was off to school. We were both emotional that first days on the bus.
Never thought that homeschooling would cross my mind someday though. I always reacted as though it was not something for me. Does anyone loose patience sometimes? Just wondering....
Somehow God has something else in mind and he brought this into our heart back in October 2006. I needed to get informed and so I asked about 10 families in my church and 2 friends from outside of the country how they do it.... Oh I had a long list of questions... But most answered which was good. One friend in particular, Julie, even took time one morning to show me her curriculum and how she gets organized. I needed to see....being a visual person. I read a lot on the subject and I know it is something that I need to do.
Originally, we had set our decision to be made after the homeschool conference next week but since about 1 month or so, we are more and more convinced about this... So many little things happening at the school...
So I lift this decision to my LORD and I ask him to fill me with patience, innovation, strenght and courage.


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