Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Fourth Birthday Jasmine!

My sweet daughter is turning four TODAY!

Here’s a little something to celebrate her birthday.

I love you sweetheart!  Continue to grow and love God the way you do.


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One Thousand Gifts–Week 28


281. Going through the book Tabitha’s Travels by Arnold YTreeide with the kids during Advent.

282. Doing our Jesse Tree at the same time

283. Doing my daughter’s cakeIMG_1979

284. Being creative in finding items for a mermaid cake…

285. Receiving an A+ for the last course of my Social Media Certificate

286. Finishing the Social Media Certificate

287. helping a friend in need

288. blessings from above – especially the ones that are surprises

289. Numerous Canadian Geese flying above our house – it’s the time of the year!

290. cookie social at church yesterday


Monday, December 12, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–Week 27


271. Having finished my courses in advance so I can work on my special project for the upcoming celebration of my husband turning 40 later this month.

272. The kids letting me work on the project in the afternoon.

273. The fever that my daughter had on Wednesday night – Friday morning that disappeared mysteriously and nothing happened afterward.

274. Family and friends who chipped in for the birthday celebration by bringing some food – potluck style.

275. Our family doctor who allowed me to bring our daughter in because of the weird fever/shivering she was experiencing.  he ruled out the shore throat, the ear infection, the lungs infection… 

276. New opportunities for my husband

277. The lack of snow (though I would prefer having some but I am trying to see the positive behind the current weather in Ontario!).

278. The friends and family members who came to celebrate my husband upcoming 40th birthday (he was born on the 21st of December).

279. 40 candles on a cake.

280. My son, Alexandre, who said the text, scripture and prayer on HOPE this past Sunday at church by heart.  He has an amazing memory!


Monday, December 5, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–week 26


261. cleaning done by someone else because hubby got a deal via a group buy

262. new swimming session that is starting with a lower price

263. great food + wonderful people = Marvelous Christmas party at our church

264. finishing a book discussion with my husband’s brother and wife

265. planning another book to read and discuss with them (their turn to pick the book)

266. a child who can babysit + errands to do = possibility of spending more one on one time with each other kids

267. baking a recipe that my mom used to do

268. adapting said recipe for our needs because the original way of doing it was too long…

269. my oldest wanting to make a batch of the recipe by himself

270. delicious Heavenly Mushrooms like my brother-in-law would say…   (he did mentioned that it tasted like heaven! *grin*)




Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is finished…

Today – Dec 1st – I have uploaded my last assignment to complete my Applied Social Media in Business course.

This was the last one to complete the Social Media certificate I was working on since the beginning of the year.

Now I have more time to teach the kids as my afternoons were spent mostly to work on assignments.

Having two courses on top of homeschool is quite challenging.

But I persevered and finished it today.

I’m a bit tired though and might take a couple of days of much deserved rest.

Now I wait for the grades and my certificate.

I learned quite a bit during these five courses.   I hope to apply my knowledge to something productive in the months/years to come!


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