Monday, December 5, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–week 26


261. cleaning done by someone else because hubby got a deal via a group buy

262. new swimming session that is starting with a lower price

263. great food + wonderful people = Marvelous Christmas party at our church

264. finishing a book discussion with my husband’s brother and wife

265. planning another book to read and discuss with them (their turn to pick the book)

266. a child who can babysit + errands to do = possibility of spending more one on one time with each other kids

267. baking a recipe that my mom used to do

268. adapting said recipe for our needs because the original way of doing it was too long…

269. my oldest wanting to make a batch of the recipe by himself

270. delicious Heavenly Mushrooms like my brother-in-law would say…   (he did mentioned that it tasted like heaven! *grin*)





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