Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Storytelling and Communications Styles

This week I have learned how to transform myself as a digital storyteller. As part of my readings I had to read an article on persuasive writing that inspired me to become a better writer.

Essentially, writing in a persuasive way will influence the reader to pursue their reading and eventually do something at the end. But to tpd014ta1594do so, I need to identify my audience and catch their attention somehow by being specific in what I am writing. In my review blog, Canadianladybug Reviews!, I know that whoever reads my posts has an interest in discovering what I think about a specific product or book.

What I always try to do is to present the product/book, indicate who is behind it (whether a company or an author), explain how our family has use the product or how the book has touched me and finally where you can find it (when possible). To make it more personal, I include pictures of our family using the product or explain how a book spoke to me while I was reading it. I find that if I personalize a post as much as possible it makes it more real for my readers and they would accept the review better.

However, I have discovered this week that using an active voice will make the blog post clearer, precise and might encourage the reader to react by leaving a comment. Ideally, I would love to have more interaction with my readers on both of my blogs.

English is not my first language and my husband graciously offered me to review some of my writings a while back. Recently he told me that I have made tremendous improvement in my writings. But going through the material this week I have learned more on how to write better with some tips on how to improve my post. I am looking forward to see how my writings will be by the end of my Digital Communication course.

What specific aspect of writing do you think you need to improve?  Please share your thoughts on this.

Note to my readers: I am currently doing two courses to complete my Social Media Certificate. One of the course is Digital Communication. This is my second blog post assignment. I will post my assignments here.


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