Monday, September 19, 2011

One Thousands Gifts–Week 15


151. openness between the people involved in a ministry

152. baby showers

153. Awana registration night which means that our date nights will start over again!

154. great deals on meat via daily deal sites.  We got an amazing deal at a butcher downtown and still have some coupons to exchange.  No expiry dates.   Paid 59$ for 175$ worth of meat a while back.   We went to pick some up last week-end.

155. Outdoor markets and the beautiful veggies on sale

156. the generosity of some companies for reviews I am doing…    Such a blessing for us in books, toys, and more!

157. Our family Doctor

158. having a babysitter in the house

159. the opportunity to try out a Christian science curriculum that might be published.

160. being told that my kids are amazing in a group setting.


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