Thursday, January 15, 2009

What to say to a 5 year old?

I got a complicated question at supper time from my almost 5 year old...   A hard one for me to be honest.

So we are eating and Dominic looks at me and ask "Are we going to see mamie soon?".

This is a touchy subject...  If you are wondering why just click here to know more about the situation.

So I looked at my hubby and then turned to Dominic and told him.  "I'm not the one deciding you know.  Hopefully soon..."

Then he looks at me again and says "Well, I would like to see her before she dies."

Ouch!   Got tears in my eyes...  Don't know what to say to that.   I had to got in the kitchen so I didn't cry in front of the kids.   It breaks my heart... but I can't do anything about it.

Oh Lord!  Please soften my mom's heart.  Break the walls she had built around her.   Reach out to her.   Bring someone she trusts who would explain your marvelous gift to her in words she would understand... (she rejected it from us a few years ago)   Oh Father, give me strength...  If by any chances, my son is prophetic in any shape or form, I pray that you give a dream to some of our leadership team members about it (not hubby of course - someone outside of the family who have no clue this would be a confirmation...).   Show me what to do...   We do talk on the phone.  No e-mails since she refuse to give me her new e-mail address...  I hurt... feeling alone in this (I don't have any brothers and sisters, my dad left many years ago and dead since 2000).  I'm lost and don't know what should be my next step.   Amen.

One thing for sure... I don't want to be like that for my kids in the future!   I love them too much for that...


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