Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OUI, WE or Wii ?

Well a bit of everything...

OUI (that stands for yes in French), WE got a Wii for Christmas.

And since then, WE are including the Wii for homeschool.   How you may ask?   Simply with the Wii Fit (another thing we got for Christmas).   It is amazing.   Unfortunately I still can't use it because my cast is still on but I am planning to try the Wii Fit as soon as it is gone (which is Thursday btw).    We created a Mii for Alexandre and he is doing his fitness routine regularly.   Mind you I am not sure if it will last but I think it will.    There is another training game we want to get - it's called Personal Trainer and on it there is something like 500 training exercises.    Another one came out called Boot Camp 2009 but between you and me the trainer need to get dress a bit more.   I wouldn't get that one just because of how Jillian is dressed.  

We also discovered Wii games for the young ones who are learning color and shapes and so on with them.   And we bought Endless Ocean to learn about scubadiving and animals from the ocean.   Apart from the Wii Fit, the rest of the Wii will be awarded based on the fact the kids have completed their homework or not.

On another note, I was able to go out with hubby and the kids during a little shopping spree.   At the Wal-Mart, we looked into the games bin and I found the two Nintendo DS BrainQuest game - one for grade 3-4 and another one for grade 5-6  - for 9.96 each instead of the 35$ previously found...    So I am very happy with this discovery.    I use the Nintendo DS as a motivation.   Our games are education once again.   Did you know there were game such as Spelling Challenge, Math Play, even the Flash Focus is something Alexandre can us.    For Dominic, we got a little game for younger kids but he will get it on his birthday only.   

We used to have 2 Nintendo DS but unfortunately, one of them disappeared the day I had surgery back in November.   My husband thinks he might have dropped it and I called the hospital a few times but they don't have it.   So we lost it.   Hopefully, someone will enjoy the games that he had in there - including my Bible Game.   Now if I can only put my hands back on that game....   I was enjoying it!


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