Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary TOS Digital!

A year ago, the new digital version of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine came in the world.


And I had an opportunity to review the digital version in the past.   At first, I was a bit against the digital part of the magazine.   I'm the kind of person who loves to have the magazine in my hands.  But then I rapidly discovered some advantages of it.   Like being able to forward a specific article to a friend or have instant access on the website of some advertizers.   Also, having a digital copy of a magazine permits to reduce the number of trees that are cut to produce the paper magazine.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the digital version of TOS, the folks at TOS  are offering a special price for whoever who wants to receive it.   The prices will go up from week to week so act fast!   

From January 19th to the 24th, it will cost you 10.95$ for a 1 year subscription and you will get 5 e-books!

From January 25th to the 31st, it will cost you 12.94$ for a 1 year subscription and you will get 4 e-books!

From February 1st to the 8th, it will cost you 14.95$ for a 1 year subscription and you will get 3 e-books!

Finally, after February 9th, the price will be 16.95$ for a 1 year subscription and unfortunately you won't get any e-books... 

The five e-books which could become your bonus gifts are:  Living and Learning On One Income, Valentine's Project Pack by Hands of a Child, Hands-On History Activity-Pack from Homeschool In The Woods,  Jesus - The Life-Giver from Katherine Loop, and What's the Matter: An Introduction to Chemistry (Grades 3-9) frin Treasure Box Press.   All great books that I personally wouldn't mind having too!

So hurry fast!   And you will have a great digital magazine to expect in your e-mail as well as wonderful e-books to read when you have a minute!

Click here for more details or order.



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