Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a week-end!

It all started unexpectedly on Thusday night....  My husband who receives earlier this week a little booklet about protecting ourselves against identity theft, decided to check it credit at one of the credit bureau in Canada....

The next morning, I learn that someone is using his identity (earlier in December) to get a car...   Mmm!  Not fun whatsoever.   Car dealer is located in Fredericton, NB.   Far from were we live!

By the end of the day, we learned that credit were refused to the guy.   The guy offered to pay with a bank draft.   Salesman drove the vehicule in Montreal, QC where it was agreed to be picked up by the buyer.   A time was set so that the salesman can go to the bank to verify the bank draft.  The buyer shows up 7 hours later after the bank are closed and vendor just want to go home and let the car go and take the bankdraft which - you guessed it - it a fake one!   Car is worth 45 thousand!  Then we also learn that he tried to get a cell phone which credit was refused also...  Somehow we were protected.   Hubby had to call all the places where a credit hit was done and explain the situation.   Also called the RCMP, the car dealer, Rogers, all our banks/credit cards companies.   The guy has all personal information and business information of my husband including the social insurance number.   ARG!   Tomorrow, we need to contact the department who takes care of the SIN, Canada Post to make sure no address changes have been done, and Revenue Canada just in case.    And hubby wants to get more booklet from the insurance company who send it to us so he can give some to others.   Bottom line, we learned that whoever did this probably had hubby's information from many years.   The salary he declared was the salary my husband made in 2004.

I pray that somehow God will pour tons of guilt on the guy.  I pray that he is caught while trying to make new transactions...  I pray that they found the car he stole... but more than likely it is on a boat on it's way to Africa from what we learned.   He also tried to get another car in Trois-Rivières. QC.   I'm praying Ephesians 4:28 on him.  

All this happened on Jasmine's birthday.

Today - what is schedule is her birthday party and it's my husband birthday too!   But there was a snow storm.... and some friends who moved to Cochrane, AB were suppose to sleep over.  But it won't happen and they were still suppose to come but because of the snow... well they are not coming.   Both Alexandre and their daughter Emilie were crying.   You see we have promised them they would see each other during Christmas time...  Well now we need to arrange another meeting but this time just them and us.   It will be better.    Other friends were suppose to come but I don't know if they will face the snow storm if they decide to come - you see their 1 month son is back at the hospital for a possible minimum stay of 48 hours.   I learned that from Facebook when Julia wrote a note at 453am.   Since then - nothing.  Don't know what is going on...   Their son has been in the hospital at birth because of pneumonia and it lasted almost 2 weeks...   Poor peanut.  

So you can see why I wrote What a week-end! as a title....    It was quite hectic!!!


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