Monday, March 31, 2008

Where is Jérémy??? again....

Lately, I don't know what is going on in the little head of my thrid son but when I find him too quiet I know something is going on...

At first, it was the yogourt.  He would grab two (not one but two...) and a spoon and go hide behind the island next to the garbage and eat both at the same time!   So we put a plastic lock on the fridge.   Since then....

He passed to bread.   He would grab the bag of bread and go hide at the same place to eat...   We caught him four times so far including this morning after breakfast.   My husband looked at me once and said "At least if he would pick another place..."  but no always the same place.

Today... once again it was too quiet.   I think Dominic came back and said "Jérémy is playing with the formula."  Boy!  did I ever got up fast from my chair where I was sitting explaining something to Alexandre.    And yes!  He was indeed playing with the formula, pouring it on the floor with the scoop.   He got punished and while I asked Alexandre to bring the camera, he went to get a towel to try to clean it up...  LOL   Alexandre then went to get the vacuum and I cleaned it up but he had some on himself as well.  

I wonder what I need to do now for him to stop grabbing stuff from the countertop - NOW the formula is pushed real far from the side as well as the bread...



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