Thursday, March 20, 2008

One step closer....

Yep I'm one step closer to being 40.  Not yet though next year...  I am turning 39 today.   That's it for living in the 30s... LOL

Oh and today I am sharing this special day with a dear friend of mind who lives in Pennsylvania.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI - please go wish her an happy birthday at ReviewsByHeidi.

Funny part is that I know most of the gifts I will get since I bought them...  That's what happens when you go to the store and call your husband on the cell phone to tell him about something and he says to buy it.   Mind you when you are in Costco, you have no choice really.   I got two books on how to draw there....   When Rob went back a couple of weeks later to get some for H.E.A.T. well there wasn't any.

Yesterday, Jasmine turned three months.  So to celebrate it, we went to the mall and got her ear pierced.   She cried a bit but she is so cute with her little earrings.   Daddy spoiled her - let me tell you that.   He loves his little girl, only the best for her.

When I had my ears pierced I got golden studs... She got crystal hearts.   Cute!  Very cute!

Also at the mall yesterday a woman passed a comment on how many kids we had...  She asked us is we were planning to have any more.   What kind of comments is that?   Hubby thinks I need to have a tougher skin - because of H.E.A.T. because it disturb me so much afterward.   At first I said no to her and she said something else I didn't heard...  But after thinking about it I don't think it's her business.   Most people were shocked that we had four children.   What is going on???   Noone were passing comments to the lady in the mall with her 5 kids - was it because she was from another country and it is more expected from them?   What would they say if they saw a family that we know that have 10 kids?   Maybe I should wrote to the mom to ask her how she deals with these kind of comments...

As we cross the line for Spring at the same time, I am quite excited about the upcoming H.E.A.T. service.  Excited and a bit stressed at the same time.   Can't help it - it's in my blood I think.   I want it so much to be a success...


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