Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shopping anyone?

Like I mentioned earlier I went to the Toy Warehouse Sale in my city.  A first here!!!  Here's the deals I've found...

- Graco Travel System for 155$

- Narnia book for 10$ an edition that would have cost 40$ when it came out a year ago...

- DK readers books 10 books for 10$   I got the level 1 and level 2

- Mr Dressup activity books 1$ each

- Rescue Heroes books 1$ each

- Giant puzzle

- 3D paper construction  looks fun to do for 3$

- Another DK book about Explorers for less than 5$

As you can see, there was good deals... Lots of things for little girls too!   but since there is no niece in the family yet...

I am glad and hope that this sale will be back next year.   I was able to get something for one of my nephew.   Then we went to ToysRUs and found something else for another nephew...  Now I just have to covered one other nephew (hey what can I say only boys in the family) and I will be done for the boys...

Only thing left is husband (birthday and Christmas), my mom and my in-laws...


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