Thursday, November 8, 2007

Life at Oak Grove Academy

Homeschooling is better this week.   Got a lot done last week.   Alexandre is better than me at typing...   Should I start doing Typing Tutor as well???   Mmmm!  Something to consider!

Jérémy's croup turned into bronchitis.  The poor little one had some rough nights...  Now he is on medication and he has a pump to help him breath.   Need to keep track of this.    So I made little sqares on the calendar to make sure I am not missing a treatment.   When done I checked the sqare off.   Medication is 3 times a day - pump twice a day.   OUF!

Last swimming course was last night.   I was disappointed because my kids didn't pass...  But with the problems we had with Dominic I shouldn't be surprised.   Alexandre however missed only a few things...  Bummer.   So we need to practice his crawl and his back swimming.  Then he will pass.   But it was his first time with swimmer 2 which is harder than what he used to do.  Besides he was the youngest one in the class from what I could see.

So we still have gymnastics for a few weeks...   Now I need to decide what we will do for January.  Husband thinks we should postpone until Spring but I would really like for them to do something in the phys ed department.   So I need to see my options...   But deep down it might not be wise with the c-section planned for Dec 19th.

Today I will homeschool again and do some referee work if needed between my young ones... Oh the joy of staying at home with your kids...


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