Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reflecting on the past

Yesterday I did a quick run at the local Wal-Mart because I needed some things….

When I came out of the store, I ended up behind an older lady who walked slow.

I thought of passing her but decided against it.

Part of me was impatient…. I will admit it.

But as I walked slowly behind her, I became more patient.

She had grey hair.   A pink coat. A little cart behind her that she was pulling.   She was walking alone going back to the residence near by more than likely (there isn’t any houses close by).

And when  I passed her once on the parking lot, I didn’t think much of it.

But when she was close to me has I was putting my bags in the truck she said “Nice day isn’t it”.  To which I responded “Yes it is.”

I watched her going by and going to the sidewalk toward the residence.

That’s when it hit me.   My eyes got blurred… and I thought of my own maternal grand-mother.

She walked a lot.   I believe she had a little cart as well for when she would go her groceries in the village where she lived.

She wore a pink coat.. too when she crossed the street back in 1992.  Nov 6th was the day.   She was hit by a neighbor who decided to go on the main street without looking… 

IrèneFontaineBoisséAs I looked at this older lady walking away in her pink coat and her white hair, I suddenly missed my grand-mother.

She would have love my husband and the kids.

Who would have thought that my small encounter with an older lady that morning would have brought up emotions from 19 years ago.

My grand-mother was a devout catholic.    I am quite certain that I will see her in heaven.  

I can’t hardly wait for that.  

Je t’aime grand-maman!   À bientôt!


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