Monday, August 2, 2010

Preparation for the new year

After coming back from days at the campground, I decided to tackle the messy schoolroom we have.  
So I reorganized and cleaned up the place with the help of my oldest at times.    But honestly, I also realized that I need to teach my kids to put back when they take at the proper place.   To do so, I figured that each needed their own shelf on the bookcase.   Problem is one shelf had broken a long time ago…
So I decided to go talk to my husband and asked him if we could build a shelf.   As a matter of fact, we had extra wood from a shelf he made in the old change table now converted in scrapbook storage.   So we remove one of the shelves in the bookcase and took the measurements.    He took the wood and came back literally 5 minutes later with my shelf.   I guess I should have asked a long time ago.
So the shelf is now in the bookcase.   I had to reorganize a few things around to accommodate it because the K*NEX where store in the bigger section.   I moved them under the window.
Our schoolroom was painted last year – thanks to my in-laws.     And we have three desks on which we have two laptops and a desktop.    These are used for educational games and other software we have.
When Alexandre need some quiet time to do some work I requested, he goes in there to do it.    The rest of my kids and I will be around the dining table to do other things because I need to supervise them more.  
But this schoolroom helps me to have everything I need in one place.   There is a bookcase for the curriculum used for each child, a bookcase for some books (another bookcase is located close by in the hallway with more books in it), and a cabinet where I store extra curriculum and crafts items like glue and so on.  
As I am writing this, we are also scanning the reproducible things we have like Easy Grammar and some geography workbooks I have found at Value Village and other things.   For our family reproducible is very interesting.
I also have a few things I want to buy.   At Éditions de l’envolée I will purchase the French grammar for grade 1 and grade 4 and maybe a couple of other things.    At I will get 1st Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Level 1, The book of Virtues and one of Arnold Ytreeide books for advent (this is possible because I participated to some blog tours with Mom Central Canada which gave me some gift cards.)
Here’s some pictures of the schoolroom.


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