Monday, August 9, 2010


I have dreams.

I admit it. 

Sometimes they are big and other times they are small.

I love antique.   I have a few desks that belonged to my grand-mother.  They are beautiful and have so much character.  

But one of my dreams is to restore an old chair I have.   It belonged to my parents and I am fortunate to have it.   This is the chair where I sit in the morning to do my devotional, read my bible, pray and write in my journal.   The kids know not to disturb me if I am sitting there – unless it is am emergency that is…

Once I found a similar chair somewhere past Toronto, in the windows of an antique store.   Now I wonder how much they were selling it.    But the store was closed and we needed to continue our way.

The chair is in need to being restore.    The material is used, holes popping here and there.   The wood would need sanding and painting.   Some fancy nails are missing and the  border need to be changed.

Someday, I promise myself to get it done.    It is still comfortable and  rock perfectly even though it makes noise sometimes.   

If I ever get the money to get it done, I think I would stick to dark green.   Or maybe dark blue.   

I love my antique chair.    And I hope that one day I can give it a new life.   Maybe one of my kid would like to have it in their house someday.


The chair back in the 70s.  Yes that’s me…


The chair in the 21st century – 2010 – with Jasmine age 2 1/2.


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