Monday, March 15, 2010

Majestic trees

 The reason behind the title of this blog is because oaks can become majestic trees, strong, sturdy, and have life in it.  Oaks produce fruits that squirrels and chipmunks will feed off.   Oaks can also welcome birds and their little ones in their branches.
 I like the idea of oaks so much that I decided to name my home school Oak Grove Academy.  I want my kids to stand strong on the Word of God, to follow the Lord wherever He will take them and to trust Him with every aspects of their lives.   I want my kids to plant seeds of hope around them, show the love of God through their actions and become a beacon of light for others in this dark world.    I want my kids to be open to anything God will bring on their plates.   I want my kids to have compassion for others and be willing to sacrifice what they have for the ones who need it.

My kids had some money put aside.  But when disaster stroke Haiti, they wanted to do something for the people there or anyone in need.   This week-end, we went on the Samaritan's Purse website and clicked on their Canadian catalogue.   They bought small animals as well as Bibles and Gospel Storybooks for Children.   We also added gift of good health for a family as well as support a church and pastor.

The kids first question was "Are we going to receive the animals, feed them and then send it to the poor?"   So cute.  We told them the animals will go directly to the people in need.

Now, they are working hard around the house without us asking so they can get more money to spend to help the poor.  Over the week-end, while we were busy with something else, we heard the vacuum.   They were cleaning the first floor so they can get more money for the poor.  Priceless.

I'm proud of my kids.   I pray God will continue to guide them and speak to them.


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