Friday, March 12, 2010

Dominic and his friends

Last night at AWANA, Dominic got the phone number of another little girl and he in turn gave his phone number.   Cute...  but honestly I have mixed feelings about this.   It is a bit early for this....

So this morning, he came to me with the phone and the phone number and wanted to call her.   It was 7am!

I told him to wait because it was too early.  And I wanted to do homeschool before.

Right now, as they watched the DVD from Bibleman I received to review, the phone rang.

I didn't recognized the phone number.   I answer and this little voice asked "Hello.  This is Josephine from Sparks.  May I speak with Dominic please?"   Very nicely asked...

So Dominic talked for about a couple of minutes to Josephine and they hung up.  They talked about Bibleman because he was watching it for the first time.   She has a lot of different ones.  


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