Wednesday, November 19, 2008

French TV Show - Passe-Partout

Passe-Partout was a tv shows in the 70s in Quebec...   It was geared to young kids ages 3-6 years old...

Quebec decided to create their own preschool show after debating if they will translate Sesame Street or not.   And I think it was a good idea.    Oh don't take me wrong Sesame Street is great but Passe-Partout was wonderful and believe me when I say translating shows sometimes misses some of the quality.   Personally I think that the only company who does a great job at translating their movies would be Disney.

So back to Passe-Partout.   A few years ago, someone had the idea of bringing back the episodes on DVD.... and since then we have now 5 sets of DVDs on the market.    We actually own 4 of them.  The fifth one came out this week...   And I am going to do to Costco to see if they have it.

Passe-Partout is a must in our household.   Being French-Canadians we want our kids to be exposed as much as possible to French.   They pick up English pretty good thank you and some have the tendency to speak in English before French.  So now we try to have them speak in French first.   So if they speak in English, we ask them to say the same thing in French.   If they have trouble then we say the sentence and need to repeat behind us.   Voilà.

If you want to know more about Passe-Partout check this link  and read about it.   If you are interested in buying them... well I just checked and they are listen on   Check it out!  It's a good show to introduce kids to french.  Worth the money believe me!  and this is coming from a French-Canadian...


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