Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Celebrating life...

Last night, pass 8pm but before 9pm (sorry I can't remember the exact time - oupsy!), our friends the Driegers had their fourth baby - a boy this time after three marvelous little girls...   His name is Kieran John Driedger.    I can't wait to see him.    Now I will have to go shopping - LOL... boy stuff obviously.   Seem like Julia had enough of boy clothes though so I am thinking hard of what to buy him...   Boy toy maybe? Mmmmm!  

Shopping yes... but before next week for sure.    In exactly a week I am going to have my forefoot reconstruction with bone graft?   What?    You read properly...  simply said I have a bunion on my right foot and it hurts a lot.   So here's what Dr. Gartke will do:  Open my foot and cut the bone from the bunion, the big toe is curving toward the outside so she will have to correct that with a bone graft which will be taken from the part remove earlier.   It's a day surgery and hopefully I shouldn't have complication...  

I had a bunion remove on the left foot when I was 17 or what this 18....?    But the job back then was bot done properly.  But this foot is not hurting so there is no need to go in and correct whatever has not being done properly.   Bottom line is if it doesn't hurt - don't touch it.   I like her philosophy...  

Do I look forward to it?  Partly yes, partly no.   Yes because the pain will be gone... No well I can't drive for 6 weeks.  Fortunately it will be Christmas time....  but still... cold winter.... can't wear a boot and the cast is only a half foot one...  Bummer.    So we bought BIG socks and see how I can wear these.  And I still have my grand-father moccasin which are quite large.  

I will survive...  I know... but still I am a bit stressed about it.  SO please keep me in your prayers until next Wednesday...  Remind me I need to call the doctor office to see when the hospital is supposed to call me for pre-op...

I have the best doctor in town...   I know because of her reputation.   I am in good hands.  Thank you Lord for bringing me to her.


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