Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saying goodbye...

... is always hard but when you know the people are following God's will then the sadness doesn't last long.  In the past we said goodbye to friends who went to become missionaries in Thailand and another couple who had to move to Winnepeg, Manitoba because of his job (he works for the defense).

Last night, we had supper with some friends of ours from our mother church.   We camp together last summer.  Their daughter went to school with Alexandre (they were in the same class) and they were in Sunday School together.   They are cute calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.   When we learned they were leaving for 2 years so that Shannon could finish her master in divinity in Cochrane, AB well we provided  their daughter with paper, envelops and special pens to write to Alexandre.   

When they left to continue packing last night, my son cried, Shannon and I had tears in our eyes.    Not easy to say goodbye.   But they are coming back for Christmas time and next summer too!  

We will miss them but we will keep contact via e-mail, facebook with Al and the cameras on our laptops.    I sure hope that God will bless them in Alberta during this two years.

So I pray that Al had a good drive and that he will be protected during the trip.  I pray that Shannon and the kids won't miss Al for the few more days they will be staying in the area.   I pray that you give patience to Shannon who will be living with the grand-parents for half a week.  I pray that she and the kids have a good flight to Calgary.  

We will miss you guys... but we can't wait to see you again in December!


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