Friday, August 15, 2008

I've finally done it....

After more than 6 years living in this house we never put together the baldaquin part of our bed.   

Last night, hubby left with a friend to go fish.   This morning, I decided that I would look the pieces to see if I could finish to put the bed together.    I knew I had all the posts and the other pieces but some posts had screws at both end and others didn't...  MmmmM!    I figure it out!    I put everything together but when the time to put the metal siding I was missing the screws for them.    Well... well... where could they be???

I checked the box where hubby leaves all the screws... not there.    Then I thought of a box in a hallway closet close to our room.   What is inside this box?   So I checked it out...  Found some stuff to sell in a garage sale and one or two things to keep.    Then a plastic bag which was written Master Bedroom.   In the bag there is screws and others few things.   Eureka!   Found the little screws... well one is missing somehow.   But I was able to finish the job.   Took me 2 hours by myself but I think it will be a nice surprise when hubby comes later today.

I'm proud of myself... but tired though.  It doesn't helpo when you have kids getting up at 530am.   Arg!


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