Friday, July 4, 2008

Update on our roadtrip...

I know it has been since end of June I didn't update my blog...  A bit hard when the Wi-Fi connection of the camping site where we were staying is not working properly.   So I gave up on internet and funny enough I didn't really miss it....  Mmmm!   Sometimes I think I should get rid of Facebook but hey I am the main administrator of the H.E.A.T. group so.... I stick with it.

Anyhow, we had a great time in PEI.   We visited the potato museum.  Yes!   There is such a thing as a potato museum.   There was also a schoolhouse there so we visited it as well.    Even took some pictures that I might send to the Old Schoolhouse magazine.   But we did learned a lot about potatoes.   Even tasted some lobster flavored chips.   Interesting taste.   Tasted fudge made from potatoes too!   Delicious.

Before the CCSB convention, we went to visit Charlottetown.   We went to the Founders' Hall and to the SandLand which is a place where they made sculptures from sand.   It was Sandtastic!   

During the CCSB convention in Charlottetown, we had a free Losbter Dinner.   I had mussels for the first time.   Yummy in butter...   Bottom line I am expanding my taste buds....

Well now we are back in New Brunswick and will continue to home soon.   We have stopped to the home of Roger and Margie Urquhart which are pastoring a church here in Fredericton.    We met two years ago during the orientation sessions at the CCSB in Cochrane, AB and it was as though we never stopped connecting since then....  Amazing!    Anyhow, Margie offered to babysit last night and we went to see The Incredible Hulk movie which my husband was dying to see.    It was very good - better than the one they made a few years ago.

I feel I miss home even though I'm sure I will miss the travel once home.    But I can't wait to sleep in my BIG bed and to take it easy.   I guess I planned too much somehow... but it was fun.  


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