Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There is a Paige in me!

Anyone knows who I am talking about?   You must be watchin Extreme Makeover Home Edition then...

Yesterday I helped my in-laws in putting the floor.   Well we started anyway.   It's not finished and they will continue today with hubby's uncle.    Me - I will take care of the kids... but I loved the experienced of yesterday.   Fun!    Wish I could do more but duty calls...

The floating floor's color is wild cherry.  I love it.   That's the one we drove to Montreal to go get.   a 5 hour drive total because we had to come back obviously (LOL).    So we started with the main area to put the floor in.    I am expecting that the main area will be finished by tonight but who knows...   The last room to be done will be the bedroom.

Nothing much left to do.    Once the floor is done, there will be the baseboards to put in, a few things to do here and there.  Then hubby will be able to bring his office down.   Then we will be able to paint the room where he is right now so I can bring my office upstairs... so that we can paint where I am right now to get a school room.

Speaking of school room - I am struggling right now.   Debating if I should continue or not...   Deep down I know I should but I am messed up emotionally and I don't know anymore.    So I will take one month at a time.   I am looking forward to it just for the history part.    But I don't want to deprive my kids of having friends.   See how the ennemy is messing me up even more.   


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