Sunday, June 15, 2008

Touring in USA

So we are currently in vacation.   Being a while since we went to some place outside Canada.   We are gone for one month and a bit.   Never did  that before with the kids and the trailer.     We left for PA on Sunday June 8th and drove for a long long time…    A bit long to be honest.   We learned a valuable lesson  - when over 8 hours of drive split it in two….    We discovered that Americans love to have when Rob calls Spaghetti highways….   Fortunately we had our GPS which is very useful when driving in the States.   To be honest, I don’t know how we would have reached our destination without it.

Day 1: Spaghetti highways, the turtle that we drove over… I wonder if she made it on the other side of the highway?, the wiuld turkeys I saw while drive next to a field, the tunnel we drove through, the ups and downs of the mountain….   At one point we went down for more than 30 minutes if not more without pressing the gas pedal.  

Day 2: Driving to Easton.   We left late so by the time we arrived we had to go to a grocery store.   Took us three times to get to one which was a Super Centre Wal-Mart.   No comments.    When we got out of there, we drove to Nazareth to go to Martins Guitar Factory.   We did the one hour tour which was very interesting and informative.    Did you know that their ukuleles are sold about 1000 to 2000$?    Unbelievable.   By the time we got out of there it was too late for the Crayola Factory.  Bummer.   We will have to come back another time for sure.   We met with Joshua and Jeff from Club Worship.   Jeff had brought a specialty from the area – Meadow Tea…  Deliiiiiiicious!   Very tasty!

Day 3: We drove to Camden, NJ to go to the Adventure Aquarium.   In there the kids were able to touch a shark, a stingray, a jelly fish, a shrimp, a starfish and one or two more things that I can’t remember what it is.    They had a blast in the Shark area when we went in a tunnel which we could see through and sharks were swimming all around us.   Cool!    At night we had a huge storm in PA and the whole county where the campground is located lost power for a few hours.

Day 4: That day we met with Heidi and her kids for some shopping in Lancaster.    We did the outlets and then went for lunch.   Disney Store was 50% off extra for the clearance section.   Found two pairs of sneakers for 2.49 each.   Amazing!   Found some clothes for Jasmine (size2) and some for the rest of the kids too.    After lunch we drove to Intercourse, PA to check out the Pretzel factory.   But because of the heat they were not making pretzels but we did learn about the process and the kids even made their own pretzel.   How fun is that?   We then went to the canning factory but being the end of the day we arrive during cleaning time.   Oh well.   We did bought some  special Salsa and some Pretzels during that trip.   After we parted with Heidi and the kids, we tried to find a medical clinic for Rob has he was having a reaction to a bandaid…   His skin where the sticky part was is all puffy and red and itchy.    They told him to go to the General Hospital in Lancaster which was 5 minutes away.   It was fast….   Our hospital in Ontario should come and learn from them.    However, the pharmacy we went to should come and learn from ours because boy was it long to get the prescriptions filled.    We also went to a Crocs booth in a mall to get some Jibbitz for the kids and new Crocs for Rob and I.   Oh!  Almost forgot about the Shoofly Pie we bought.  I really wanted to try this after reading about it in my Beverly Lewis novels.  

Day 5:   We had planned to drive to Notthingham for do the tour of the Herr’s Snacks Factory but we decided instead to stay at the campsite and do laundry.   We bought a portable washer and dryer and they did an amazing job.   Unbelievable really how much water is taken out of the clothes with the dryer!!!  The shoofly pie is fabulous. 

Day 6:   Friday.   Rob is going to Club Worship in the evening.  So we are taking it slow.   Besides, Rob has some work to do.   So the kids and I went to the playground a bit and enjoyed the sun.    At the end of the afternoon, we went out because my neck is sort of stiffed .   We also went to see where Club Worship was.   Saw the guys and Rob drove me back to the campsite before heading there again for the event they had put on.

Day 7:   Destination Hershey.   We did the Chocolate Tour with Heidi and her family.   We also visited the Hershey Museum.   I never thought that the Hershey Kisses were sooooo old.   I mean these were created back in the early 1900s.   WoW!   Unbelievable.   Almost  Mr. Hershey had a very modest background with his family being Mennonites.    It was interesting how much he became “fancy” as he built his company.

Day8:   Driving to Plymouth, MA.   Took way longer that we thought.   We are learning…   We drove in 6 States in total.   Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York (crossed the Washington Bridge – unbelievable the traffic), Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

As you can see, we are discovering and learning a lot.   Living with your family in a trailer takes some adjustments.   We are impressed with the kids because they are behaving so well during the long drives.   We might need to add a stop on the way to NB.   We shall see.  

In the days to come, we will discover the area where the First Thanksgiving .  We are planning to drive around Cape Cod Bay and visit the Cape Cod chip factory.


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