Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being on the road - an extended field trip all right!!!

 I know it has been a while since I updated this blog…   But it’s kind of hard when you need a special authorization or when there is no internet at the site….  But hey I live with what we have.    To think that 10-20 years ago it would have been hard to see a computer on a camping site and to get connected to the internet while camping – I think it’s getting pretty good.

It has been a journey of learning – both for the kids and us.   The kids learned about guitar, pretzels, chocolate, Amish and so on.  We learned about travelling long distance with the trailer and how to live in a limited space for many weeks.   It is not finished yet.   We still have some road to do.   PEI is just around the corner… literally.

As I am writing this, we are close to Saint John, NB.    We left PA to MA where we stayed for a few days.   We discovered Cape Cod and the chip factory.   We ate swordfish and ”petoncles” as well as lobster roll and fried clams.   Love the first three but I could pass the fried clams.     At Cape Cod bay we had the opportunity to see a commercial boat unloading it’s cargo.   Very interesting how they do that.   We also met some wild seals in the water.  The kids loved it.    In the horizon, you could see hundreds of seals bathing in the sun on a small beach.

We took a day off and went to drop off some laundry to be done.   Then we drove to Wal-Mart.   I love the Wal-Mart in the states because you find things that you can’t find in Canada.   Loved the outlets too but where we were there was not that many and besides we already spent a bit in outlets in PA.     After that we drove in Plymouth – where the first thanksgiving happened between the Pilgrims and the Indians.   We saw the Mayflower II  but couldn’t go to the Rock of Pilgrims as they were doing construction around it.  Bummer…

The next day we drove to Boston.   Wish we could have found the Cheers bar so that hubby can see it.   But it was getting late and we didn’t.   Looks like the Boston Tea Party attraction burned many years ago which is a shame.   But we got to go to a free museum – thanks to our membership to museums in our hometown.    So we went to the Boston Children’s Museum and saved 44$.   Horray!    This was a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE hit with the kids.  They loved it…

On June 19th, we left MA to drive to Maine (ME).   Mmmm!  How would I define the trip?  Interesting I guess…    We missed an exit  on the highway in Boston and ended up driving along a canal near Cambridge.    Oh boy what stress we had…..    A bridge coming to us with a sign saying cars only…. Oh uh.    11’ high.   We go through no problem… OUF.     But then around the corner there is another one and it’s too late for us to back up.  Besides with the sway control, you can’t back up that easily…   This time the bridge say 9’ high only.   Oh uh…   Not sure we can make it.   We go slowly…. VERY slowly under it.  Hubby got out and I drive ever so slooooooowly.    Took about 20 minutes to go under that bridge but we made it.     Quick we need to get out of this area as there is another one coming….    Finally we got to a bridge and got out of Boston.   Lots of stress but the a/c survived.      To relax we stopped in Kittery  - a place where I used to go when I was a young girl – more than 25 years ago.    We then drove to Scarborough, ME and set up our trailer.   Wassamki Springs campground is real nice and the people are very friendly.

June 20th is going down memory lane.    So many memories coming to me.   First we went to Cabela’s a store that ressembles to Bass Pro Shop and then Wal-Mart again for supplies.   Then we drove to York, Maine.    We arrive next to the beach.    Ah!   The memories came to me… the beach with the rocks…. Long next to the road.  The Goldenrod Restaurant where I would go and see the salt water taffy being made….   Now the boys saw it too.   Still there believe it or not.   I could tell which hotel we stayed when I was younger.    We bought a box of taffy to taste – well okay I bought a big box so it will last a while.   The kids loved it… So good still after so many years.   The smell of the ocean is calling to me.    As we left the area we drove on route 1 and there on the road was that restaurant where we had stopped to eat hotdog and they were supposedly steamed but not eatable as they were crunchy.   Doesn’t look as though the restaurant is still open – nobody was there in the middle of the day.   Not surprising to be honest.   It was totally gross…  After this little drive, it started raining so we went back to the camping site.

June 21st, we leave Wassamki Springs to drive to Bangor.   I didn’t like the campground there but we stayed only one night…    We had some laundry done and we put the kids to bed early as the next day we are driving back to Canada.   Hubby and I watched Camp Rock though.   I enjoyed it even though I think they could improve the acting a bit – but it was clean and there is good lessons to learn from it – from lying to fitting in the crowd.

June 22nd – we are driving to New Brunswick.   To get to the camping site we had to take a ferry.  The boys loved it.    Last time we took a ferry Alexandre was 3 and Dominic was about the age of Jasmine right now – 6 months.    Now Alexandre will turn 4 in a few days.   How time flies.

Tomorrow we are planning to check out Saint John, New Brunswick...


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