Sunday, December 2, 2007

Putting up the tree...

WoW!   My tree is up... First day, we put the tree up and then the christmas lights.  As usual I tested the lights before putting them in the tree and they were working fine.   Once up in the tree though... one set had the green lights not working.   Solution?  We decided to remove one green light from the other set.   Now our tree has only blue and red lights but to be honest I don't really care this year.   I don't feel like figuring out what went wrong with the set of lights.

The next day, we put the decorations in the tree.   It all starts with the memories ornaments - Halmark and Carlton Cards ones...  and also the photo balls...   and the regular ornaments.   Then I was thinking of putting the other Christmas balls in the tree - the ones we made with glass ornaments and paint but Jérémy kept playing with them and broke one.  So we have a couple in there tucked inside the tree in a way but not too much.   Somehow I feel my tree is missing something but hey... for the safety of my exploring child, I prefer not to put too many balls this year.  

Last step is to put the star at the top of the tree which is my husband job every year.  

I think the kids love it...   I do - even if it is missing some balls in there...  

I do have a few more ornaments to put in but the kids needs to decorate them with glitter glue.   I bought some felt ornaments at Micheal's and we will do them sometime this week.    Oh and there is the baby first christmas 2007 ornament that needs to be put in but I want to wait until the baby is born.   And I  know that this child will have a grandchild ornament as well... 

Some ornaments we possess are Super-Heroes ones...  I suddenly realized that we do not own the Wonder Woman ornament - and that there is one at Halmart this year.   I've send it to hubby but I am not sure if he will get it for me or not...   We shall see!   It is not his thing to be honest.

Next step: I want to do a Nativity gingerbread kit with the kids.   That will be something interesting to do...  I will give you more details on that one soon...


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