Friday, December 7, 2007

A little health issue...

Yesterday I went to visit my OB - regular appointment....  but I had the surprise to learn that I had a bit of high blood pressure which I never had the other three pregnancies.  However, it is no critical to the point that I need bed rest or be admitted at the hospital or be on medication.   So praise God!   But I still need to slow down, don't do too much and relax...  MMmmmM!   So no running around anymore...  No doing too much either I guess.

So if you read this, I would appreciate some prayers to control this and for me to learn to slow down.   We have decided to slow a bit the pace for homeschool since we have the feeling that Alexandre is a bit in advance... and I want to keep things until May or June.  He is more than half-way in his MathUSee and half way the second book for the reading program in French.... Can't go in book 3 yet since it is for grade 2...  So it won't hurt him to have a few days off - or weeks off I guess.   I will do a couple of things in the morning but not as much as before.

Gymnastics is finished for the Fall.   Winter session starts in January but since I can't drive for 5-6 weeks... well I decided it would be better not to overdo it.  So hopefully there will be space in the Spring session...


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