Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Colorectal Cancer prevention

When I was in my 20s, my dad left the family house to live with another woman.    I don’t want to go into details here but shortly after this happened we learned that he had colorectal cancer.   He had surgery and wore a bag after that.   We didn’t know which stage it was.  For personal reasons, I cut my  interactions with him.   But somehow, God was working in my life.  When I move to the capital region for work purposes, I was invited to church and accepted Him as my Savior.    Still I didn’t want to have any contact with my earthly father because I didn’t accept how he left, didn’t want to be impose to meet this new “woman” and other personal reasons.    But God was working…. slowly.   I came to Christ in January 1997.   We married in 1998.  Through all this my dad kept wanting to seek, send money which I returned (I didn’t want to be bought out) and so on.    Somehow he had found my address…   In 2000, he contacted me telling me that he didn’t had much time left.  Apparently the cancer had invaded his body which makes me think that his colorectal cancer was very advanced – possible a stage III or IV.    So in November 2000 a meeting was arrange in a public place with him only and my aunt since he couldn’t drive anymore.   We met and he learned that I was pregnant with our first one.   On December 24th, 2000, he died.

I knew that someday I would have to get some testing done since my dad died of colorectal cancer and generalized cancer.   I wasn’t looking forward to it but the 40s were coming.

Today I am 42 and recently I went to my physical.   While speaking with my family doctor I reminded him of my dad and he agreed that it was time to go for a colonoscopy.

This is schedule for Thursday this week.   I’m stressed about it a bit.

The day before there will be a 24 hours not food intake period.   I don’t know how I will do it.

So I am asking for prayers on Wednesday and Thursday – August 3 and 4.    Please keep me in your prayers for peace of mind and not be too starved.  Thanks in advance.

To be honest, I am thankful that in 2011 the medicine is so advance that I can go through preventive testing for such a disease.    I’m just not looking forward a forced fast like a friend said and the exam itself…  But it has to be done!

Like I said this is a preventive exam for me because my dad has had it. 

For more information about colorectal cancer please see this slideshow which I find very informative.


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